Teacher Education

Professional Graduate Certificate in Education (Lifelong Learning)

PGCE (Prof Graduate Certificate in Ed.)
Leaflet Code: L1012


If you are passionate about a career in teaching and learning and want to work in the lifelong learning sector, this is the ideal qualification for you. Whether your interest lies in teaching in a college, training provider, charity, prison, school or specialist school, this course will help you towards achieving your goals.

You should be highly motivated, determined and have strong interest in education and related subjects and be able to work well both independently and as a member of a team. You should have good time management skills as you will have to manage both the study and teaching elements of the course.

This course is an award of the University of Huddersfield and is an ideal route for you to work towards being a fully-qualified teacher and to help you to gain the full professional status for teachers in Lifelong Learning (QTLS).

  • Shena Simon Campus
  • Part Time
  • 2 years
  • September 2022

• Teaching, Learning and Assessment
• Personal and Professional Development
• Studies in Teaching a Specialist Subject
• Studies in Curriculum and Professional Issues.

• You will normally be considered for entry to this course provided that you have a full Level 3 (A Level or BTEC equivalent) or higher qualification in your vocational or academic specialist area in which you wish to teach and a Bachelor degree from a British university or equivalent
• Students must also have a subject specialist mentor and have 100 hours of teaching practice in place, to run across the duration of the course. Employed volunteer teachers are required to arrange their own teaching placements as this is an in-service course
• All applicants are expected to complete a literacy assessment and should have or be prepared to work towards a level 2 qualification (GCSE equivalent) in both English and mathematics.

All successful applicants on this course are strongly advised to join the Education and Training Foundation (ETF).

• Teaching, Learning and Assessment
• Personal and Professional Development
• Studies in Teaching a Specialist Subject
• Studies in Curriculum and Professional Issues.

Class attendance is required for one day per week in year one of the course and half-a-day per week in year two. You will also be expected to engage with our online virtual learning environment (VLE) to help you make good progress in your studies.

The course is run in a classroom environment, allowing you to share your ideas and reflections with your peers. You will also receive tutorial support and sessions focused on specialist areas in lifelong learning throughout your course. In addition, you are required to complete at least 50 hours of teaching per year.

Examples of assessments include:
• Micro teach to peers
• Personal skills presentation
• Written assignments of between 1500-3000 words, including essays, reports and reflective journals
• Personal Development Plan identifying skills development and areas to improve
• Teaching observations, evaluations and reflections
• Specialist conference paper supported by an online subject specialist tutor
• Self and peer assessment.

You may have the opportunity to study a Level 7 Postgraduate Certificate in Education or a Level 7 Postgraduate Diploma in Education (Advanced PGCE).

In the second year of your course, you will also attend a two-day specialist conference at The University of Huddersfield, where you will present your specialist conference paper to your peers.

There are two main costs you will have whilst studying and if you are a home student studying on a full-time course, you can apply for student finance to cover both of these:

 Your tuition fees for each year of your course.
 Help with your living costs e.g. rent, food, clothing, course materials, entertainment.

You can find more details, including the actual tuition fee charged on our Fees, Funding and Finance Page.

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